When “CMS” or “blog” can be heard, you probably think WordPress. ButterCMS is an alternative tool for development teams to add CMS and blog functionality to their own code base using the ButterCMS API. Today, ButterCMS empowers thousands of web sites around the world, providing millions of requests a month.
The stand is fatal.
Our clients, in general, build a website to run API upon request I can page content in the request / response lifecycle. This is if an API request may have failed, it means that the page is probably unsuccessful. When the API is down, your site is down.
This is an experience of early difficulties. Less reliable server maintenance, intermittent power outages or performance deterioration often occurred and is a frustrated client. And the API down the time for a few hours of illegal immigration occurrence of DNS, can not spend nearly half a day dozens of client’s website, a large number of customers,
After this incident, it was found that the existing problems will ensure an almost 100% utilization rate. In the future, when serious Seisokin loses a difficult client, it is possible to expose the business to a crisis.
Provides a worldwide fast, flexible API
Failure can not be completely avoided. I will best reduce the chances.
For example, to control the fate of your own by running your own physical server, hosting providers will keep it down but you have to deal with security and scalability. Return.
Google team, always keep up to date status API, it was important to achieve high performance all over the world. As small and medium-sized enterprises, it was found that there are no resources in order to implement scalable performance at a global near-mode of operation of 100%. So we have turned to such an enterprise: fast.

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